One of our travelers recently sent the following cover letter with their trip evaluation. We are happy to share such a wonderful report.

I am pleased to return the evaluation for our recently completed trip. As with our previous experience with China Advocates, the trip has been a positive experience and well deserving of an “Excellent” rating.

The China Advocates trip design, planning and itinerary was frankly amazing. It was a true “Insider’s” view of the areas and communities we visited and far beyond what we could have planned using western guidebooks as a resource. In looking back at our experience and comparing our travel with the initial itinerary, our guides must have had a check list of what was promised. Other than the couple of situations beyond control, the trip was as promised if not more.

Special thanks must be given to our “local guides” for both their knowledge and for their personal attention to our comfort and care. Our local guides went far in expanding our understanding of modern China, it’s traditional ways and the peoples of China.