Metropolis of China

Destinations: Beijing, China, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Trip Duration: 14

Max Group Size: 5

Minimum Age: 18

Travel Itinerary

Day 1-2: Tavel from USA to Beijing

Depart the USA on your international flight to China. Cross the international date line and arrive in Beijing the following day. Pass through customs and meet your local guide at the airport greeting area. Transfer to your hotel. The rest of this day is at leisure. Accommodations: Peninsula Hotel  Meals Included: Meals Aloft

Day 3: Beijing

This morning, arrive at the gate of the Forbidden City, the abiding symbol of imperial China. Truly one of the great achievements of civilization, its construction employed hundreds of thousands of workers between 1406 and 1420. Marvel at its expansive architecture, magnificent imperial gardens, and many museums of Chinese antiquities and treasures. Tour the picturesque Houhai district, where well-preserved courtyard homes and narrow hutong alleys border tree-lined lakes. Tour the district by “pedicab” for a closer and more engaging experience of traditional Chinese life. Visit with a local family in their home and have lunch. Explore the Temple of Heaven, one of the finest creations of the Ming dynasty. This stunning architecture realizes the eternal Chinese desire to incarnate heaven in material form and represents the most advanced principles of mechanics and geometry of the time. This evening taste the imperial city’s most famous delicacy, Peking duck, along with other Beijing specialties. Accommodations: Peninsula Hotel   Meals Included: B,L,D

Day 4: Beijing

In the morning, drive to the Great Wall of China Mutianyu, a rugged section of the wall that offers less crowded access (with cable car availability) and a more striking perspective as the wall climbs and winds over the surrounding hills. Here the Great Wall of China presents a visual experience that consistently exceeds visitors’ expectations.  Scholars estimate that the wall, averaging 25 feet in height and nearly as thick, once stretched for 3,700 miles, passing through sixteen provinces. Take the chairlift up to the summit. You may enjoy an Alpine Slide coming downhill after hiking the Wall. Lunch is at Xiaolongpu Restaurant at the foothill of the Wall. The restaurant is famous for fresh farmers’ produce and local flavors. On the way back from the wall, stop by the Olympic village where the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics took place. View the impressive architecture of the Birds Nest stadium and Water Cube. After dinner, enjoy a performance at the Peking Opera. Accommodations: Peninsula Hotel  Meals Included: B,L

Day 5: Beijing

After breakfast, tour the beautiful grounds of the Summer Palace. The Palace was built in 1888 for the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, using funds originally intended for the Qing Imperial Navy. Saunter through the exquisite royal gardens and take a cruise on lovely Kunming Lake. Also walk the Painted Gallery, the longest garden walkway in China, famous for its lake views. The rest of this day is at your leisure. Your Asia Sublime expert can supply you with recommendations and information. Accommodations: Peninsula Hotel  Meals Included: B,L

Day 6: Beijing-Shanghai

In the morning, take a high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai (about 3 hours, 1st class seats). Transfer to your hotel. After lunch, tour the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. As one of the largest and newest science museums, enjoy its 13 permanent exhibitions and 4 science theaters including: World of Robots, the Animal Hall, and Space Navigation. The rest of this day is at your leisure. Your Asia Sublime expert can supply you with recommendations and information. Accommodations: Fairmont Peace Hotel   Meals Included: B,L

Day 7: Shanghai

Tour the French Concession in the historic district and stop by Taikanglu Road with galleries and fine boutique shops. After lunch, tour Yuyuan Gardens, designed in six unique parts, making the garden seem much larger than it really is. You will find one of the best Ming rockeries here, and enjoy walking the zigzag bridge to Huxingting Teahouse. Cross the Huangpu River and visit the Pudong economic district. Ride the elevator to the top of the tallest building in Asia, the new Shanghai City Center, for a bird’s-eye view of the old and new Shanghai by the Huangpu River. In the evening, enjoy a banquet at Dingxiang Garden Restaurant, serving impeccable Shanghai cuisine. After dinner, go to a performance of the famous Shanghai Acrobats. Accommodations: Fairmont Peace Hotel  Meals Included: B,L,D

Day 8: Shanghai-Suzhou (Day tour)

In the morning, take the high-speed train to Suzhou (about 30 minutes, 1st class seats). Suzhou is known as the “Venice of the East” where river canals are found more often than streets. Visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden, with countless pavilions surrounding the tranquil lakes and gardens. Ride a boat on the Grand Canal to Tiger Hill, with beautiful bonsai gardens. After lunch, take a tour of the Silk Museum to learn about one of China’s most venerated crafts. In the evening, transfer back to Shanghai. Accommodations: Fairmont Peace Hotel  Meals Included: B,L

Day 9: Shanghai-Hangzhou (Day Tour)

In the morning, take the high-speed train to Hangzhou (about 1 hour, 1st class seats). Enjoy a gentle hike up Gushan Hill by the West Lake. Traditional architecture, landscape gardens, pavilions and museums line up the hillside with a bird’s-eye view of the West Lake and Hangzhou City. At lunchtime, visit the Meijiawu Tea Plantation and meet tea farmers who continue the ancient art of Longjing tea cultivation. Enjoy lunch at a tea farmer’s home. In the afternoon, tour Lingyin Temple, one of the earliest grand Chan Buddhist temples remaining in China today. Take a boat ride on West Lake and tour the charming gardens on the isles. In the evening, transfer to Shanghai. Accommodations: Fairmont Peace Hotel   Meals Included: B,L

Day 10: Shanghai-Hong Kong

Take a flight (approximately 2 hours) from Shanghai to Hong Kong and transfer to your hotel. Explore Hong Kong at your leisure for the remainder of this day. Your Asia Sublime expert can supply you with recommendations. Accommodations: Hotel Peninsula  Meals Included: B

Day 11: Hong Kong

After breakfast, explore the Sheung Wan Dried Food & Herbal Market. Hong Kong remains very traditional when it comes to health and beauty aids. Ginseng, deer horn, sea horses and other exotic resources are staples of many Chinese households. Take a walk through the herbal medicine markets and gain insight into old age practices, as shopkeepers and herbal practitioners introduce you to their abundant herbs and medicines. Then stop by Man Mo Temple, a temple for the worship of the civil or literature God, Man Tai and the martial God, Mo Tai. The two gods were popularly patronized by scholars and students seeking progress in their study or ranking in the civil examinations in the Ming and Qing dynasties.The Man Mo Temple is located on Hollywood Road; it was built in 1847. Next, visit the Aberdeen Floating Community, once home to thousands of people living on junks and houseboats. A number of residents remain, though most have moved off the water. Marvel at Aberdeen’s indigenous floating community of fishing families and eccentric houseboat dwellers. Enjoy a Dim sum lunch here. Drive to to Hong Kong’s most famous landmark, Victoria Peak, and take in the panoramic views of Kowloon and the surrounding islands. This evening is at your leisure. Your Asia Sublime expert can supply you with recommendations and information. Accommodations: Hotel Peninsula  Meals Included: B,L

Day 12: Hong Kong

This day is open for you to explore Hong Kong at your leisure. Your Asia Sublime expert can supply you with recommendations.

Accommodations: Hotel Peninsula  Meals Included: B
Day 13: Hong Kong

This day is open for you to explore Hong Kong at your leisure. Your Asia Sublime expert can supply you with recommendations.

Accommodations: Hotel Peninsula  Meals Included: B
Day 14: Hong Kong-USA

Transfer to the Hong Kong International Airport and board your flight, arrive in the USA on the same day.

 Meals Included: B, Meals aloft 

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