Burma’s “Golden Pond”

Burma’s “Golden Pond”

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Burma golden pagoda

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Of course, no visit to Burma is complete without visiting the legendary, shimmering Golden Pagoda, the most sacred of all Burmese pagodas and the most opulent: it’s said to be built atop a 44-cubic meter pool filled with jewels.

Burma’s abundance of precious stones and metals are on display here, and you’ll be awestruck by the tens of thousands of gold plates, bars, and diamonds, the largest of which is an impressive 72 carats.

Built over 2,000 years ago, the pagoda, or the Shwedagon, carries great significance in the history of Buddhism. It is said that two merchant brothers traveling for trade met the Gautama Buddha on their journey and were gifted eight strands of his hair. The brothers brought the hairs back to their king, who ordered them enshrined, along with relics from three previous Buddhas—and so the Golden Pagoda was built. The hairs of the Buddha are supposedly held on a golden ship set atop the pool of jewels that lies beneath the pagoda.