We have completed our Authentic Hawaii tour and moved on to Maui for four days on our own. I cannot tell you how wonderful our time on the Big Island was. We completely fell in love with Kari (our tour director), Sheyenne and Stephane (our guides). Their hospitality is unsurpassed. We woke up today missing them already. I had high expectations for the tour, and they were greatly exceeded. We did things not on the plan, things we never imagined doing. They filled our time their fully, and beautifully. It was a somewhat strenuous experience for 70+ year old folks, but well worth the effort, and we left the Big Island in better condition, and better educated, than when we arrived. Anytime one of us would ask a question about something on the island, or notice something along the way, Sheyenne or Stephane would say, “Do you want to see it?” They were clearly focused on seeing that we enjoyed our visit. They always seemed to be prepared for each activity, providing helmets and headlamps for exploring a lava tube, chairs for the beach, and wonderful authentic elements for the picnics. It was amazing to see them climb trees for fruit, to take pictures, or whatever need might arise. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The Hilo House was a wonderful accommodation. Kari does such a fine job managing it, and quickly learned everyone’s preference for morning coffee, eggs, etc. Annie (the breakfast chef) does a wonderful job in the kitchen and is a real pleasure in her service. The meals provided by the local farmer and his family were the best on the island, I’m sure. And the Hawaiian couple who did the cultural show on the last evening were a perfect ending. In conclusion, I give this tour my highest recommendation. Anyone interested in knowing the real Hawaii should have this experience. The tour name is most appropriate. And, before I close, thank you, so much, for your part in putting this together for us.